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“We have been through many retreats and couples weekends—the spirituality of today’s program was exceptional”  – Married 44 years


“Foundational Intimacies—It shined a light into an area of darkness, confusion, and isolation… It opened the door to dialoging without sniping and accusations. Our marriage was ROCKY, I saw little hope but now I feel hopeful. I can imagine possibilities, for the first time in many years.” – Married 39 years


“Helped to have time to talk about the things we struggle within our marriage and it offered ways, with Christ as the foundation, to help.” – Married 24 years


“Foundational intimacies… we have been married 36 yrs and sometimes it feels like we are just roommates. I think the Foundational intimacies and a renewed focus on them could really help us improve our relationship. Thank you! Both of you (are) inspiring speakers, you can tell you live your faith well.”


“It was helpful having experts in counseling and theology both! Often times we’ve experienced experts in one or the other. Having both together was extremely helpful. Excellent integration of counseling and theology.”


“Great Catholic marriage workshop. Material was heavy but presented in a fun, engaging way.” – Married 10 years


“We’ll be processing information for a long time, maybe the rest of our life…very good would recommend” – Married 18 years

“We really enjoyed the passion and enthusiasm of your presentation. You both are very well versed on the subject matter and your commitment to each other and to your faith was uplifting.”


“Thank you for this ministry – I’ll be watching for your book and waiting for additional seminars. Nice length for busy people.”


“I loved the breakdown of the foundational intimacies and how we need to build on those before coming to the sexual intimacy.”


“I will think and relate to Mass in a different dimension…”


“…most practical and helpful in making immediate improvements within our marriage.”


“Foundational intimacies…has been something I’ve been thinking about and wanting to talk about with my spouse for years, and now finally have.”


“God has blessed you both with many talents and we appreciate you sharing them with us!”


“Discussion on the eight foundational intimacies…straight forward concept and important / critical to put into practice.”


“All the couples thoroughly enjoyed your thoughts and challenges.”


“Every couple came away with an enriched understanding of the spiritual aspect of our married life.”


“…It helped us to gain a deeper spiritual understanding of our marriage and the Eucharist as well.”


“Your love for Christ and each other came through very strong and how you want to share it with others, thanks so much.”


“…it was very interesting, realistic and helpful.”

“I liked the interaction and communication style of Jim and Maureen.”


“The talks on forgiveness were enlightening. I had no yet forgiven myself for a slight to my wife – although she had forgiven me…”

“Prioritizing the foundational intimacies can be quite enlightening.”


“the 8 foundational intimacies were very helpful for us.”


“I like the therapy perspective – it is nice to know that problems in marriage can be resolved and not just eat away or split up the marriage.”


“Foundational intimacies…has been something I’ve been thinking about and wanting to talk about with my spouse for years, and now finally have.”


“Jim and Maureen, you did a great job and I’m glad I took the time and effort to attend.  Time well


“Make the event longer – have more time to listen to speakers.”


“Enjoy seeing your excitement and love for each other and for Christ.”


“Look forward to other seminars you may have.”


“You do a tremendous job…I hope to see you two at another seminar…”


“It was well worth our time to participate.  I’m sure it has opened up discussion and actions for us that will be very helpful to us in continuing to grow our relationship.”


“Appreciate your abilities as team lecturers. You complement each other nicely.”


“I liked the way the Eucharist was used as the foundation for better understanding the sacrament of Marriage. It helped me to better appreciate the importance of the Eucharist as well as marriage.”