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More Catholic Workshops

If your Diocese or Parish are looking for more Catholic workshops, Jim and Maureen would be honored to facilitate one that you may need.

Here are a few they have done in other Dioceses:

“Daily Dozen of Catholic Parenting”:
Come learn practical Catholic parenting tips that you can use today.

“Deliver us from all anxiety: Finding peace in our stress-filled days”
: Come learn specific strategies that has helped others discover more peace in their lives and relationships.

“Becoming a sacrament of proactivity: Keys to a strong marriage for those married five years or fewer”:
Invite your married couples to learn practical ways to strengthen their sacrament in the critical first five years of marriage.

If your Parish or Diocese has a particular workshop in mind, they are always open to discussing specific needs.
Please contact us.


“…most practical and helpful in making immediate improvements within our marriage.”

“Thank you for your ministry – I’ll be watching for your book and waiting for additional seminars.”

“I love learning concrete ways to deal with stress and anxiety.”

“Every couple came away with an enriched understanding of the spiritual aspect of our married life.”

“We really enjoyed the passion and enthusiasm of your presentation.You both are very versed on the subject matter and your commitment to each other and to your faith was uplifting.”

“I really enjoyed the ‘Daily Dozen’ of stress – a much needed topic. Very practical advice and easy to apply.”

“Foundational intimacies…has been something I’ve been thinking about and wanting to talk about with my spouse for years, and now finally have.”

“It was well worth our time to participate. I’m sure it has opened up discussion and actions for us that will be very helpful to us in continuing to grow our relationship.”

“I thought it was really good and practical information that a person could take and use.”

“The effective merging of physiology and Christianity…For effective and applied Christian living this was very good.”

“The talks on forgiveness were enlightening. I had not yet forgiven myself for a slight to my wife – although she had forgiven me…”