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For Deacons and Wives

Maureen and Jim have given many workshops for deacons and their wives over the years, and present  both continuing education programs (for those already ordained) as well as those men and wives who are in the diaconate formation.

The Foundational Intimacy workshop can be used for those in formation or for continuing education. If you have a specific need for a workshop, feel free to contact us. Here are some other workshops that are available as well:


“Protect us from all anxiety: practical ways to avoid ministry burn-out.” In this workshop Jim discusses real ways to make sure the virtues of balance and moderation are being lived out in all aspects of ministry life. Drawing from his clinical experience of working with anxiety and stress disorders, he lays out many specific interventions that are successful in maintaining life balance.

“Enriching the path to mutual and lasting fidelity.”
In this workshop, Jim and Maureen discuss practical ways to enrich the sacrament of marriage. This workshop provides handouts on communication tips, enhancing marital intimacy, and other areas of marriage.

“Jim and Maureen’s enthusiasm to their relationship and faith was very inspirational! We celebrate 37 years of marriage next month. Though we think we’re doing well – we can always improve.”

“Thank you for sharing your wisdom, for incorporating the Holy Spirit, Scripture, for humor, and honesty.”

“Good tools to use and pass on.”

“I thought it brought up several practical methods to help in marital communication.”

“My wife and I share and communicate well, but this reminds me that we need to “soul search” more often.”

“I hope both of you will be back for more workshops with the Deacon formation community!”

“You enthusiasm and love for the Lord is wonderful.”

“ (the material) will help in spiritual and psychological counseling and homilies.”

“As a deacon’s wife – I can be more understanding and sympathetic to problems.”

“So enthusiastic and informed – its’ a joy to listen and learn!”

“The information was excellent.”

“It gave me many good ways to deal with our brokenness.”

“You did a fantastic job…again! Your handouts are a great help.”

“This was very informative and soul stretching.”

“I have struggled with some very personal issues – and you have encouraged me to seek help.”

“handout #4 was an eye-opener for me – very disturbing too – the different kinds of infidelity really woke me up!”

“The info. today put some names to the conversations we’ve had at home.”

“Great information on handouts.”

“(the material) gave me some concrete ideas and methods to look at the woundedness of self and others and how Scripture responds to them.”

“I much appreciated the comments on what you feel needs to be proclaimed from the pulpit.”

“Keep speaking the truth! To quote a Comanche Chief named Ten Bears: ‘there is iron in the words you speak.’”

“Very interesting and knowledgeable. Would like to hear more.”